E L E G A N C E / R E F U S A L (Directed by Christian Osagiede, Cinematography by Spencer Slovic, Sound & Audio by Matthew Yellowtail, & Edited by Shannon Daniels)


W I S H E S  F O R  M O M ( Directed by Reva Santo, Original Poem, "Wishes for Mom," by Sojourner Ahebee)



C L O S E  T O  T H E  W I N D O W (Directed & Filmed by Kira Bursky, Concept and Poetry by Sojourner Ahebee)



H E L L O  F R O M  M A L A Y S I A

Aiman has just moved from Malaysia to the U.S. and finds it hard to fit in with the cultural differences. A finalist in the first ever White House Student Film Festival. Credits: Director and Cinematographer Kira Bursky. Written by Kira Bursky and Sojourner Ahébée. Assistant Director Abbey Sacks.